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What is Loggd?

Loggd + Xero

Time Recording for Xero

Record your time, create a draft bill then send it to Xero. Sorted.

Just Type

Making data entry eaiser with our Just Type control that remembers, prompts and auto-corrects to ensure accurate, error-free time recording everytime.

Xero has done the unthinkable and made accounting software beautiful.

Loggd is doing the same for time recording.

Key Features

We love Xero, but what does Loggd bring to the party?

Time RecordingRecord. Bill. Repeat.

First & foremost it's about recording time. It's about making sure you hit those targets, make budget and invoice for every second of billable time.

Project-based Billing

Many organisations bill by project, but unfortunately Xero has no awareness of projects, just clients. Loggd brings fully integrated project-based billing to Xero.

Billable Expense IntegrationBillable Expenses. Billed.

Automatically include un-paid billable expenses during invoice creation without the hassle of adding later in Xero.

Threshold Alerts

You focus on recording your time, let Loggd inform you when its time to bill you client. Automated threshold alerts tells the user when its time to prepare a new bill.


Not only do we add project-based billing, but Loggd also includes auto-numbering of both client and project codes. Something currently missing from Xero.

Record As

Need to record on behalf of another use. Not problem. If you're a secretary, PA or any other user needing to record as another team member, its easy with Loggd.

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